Dj Ozzy Getting More Popular in Germany

He is not now, but he surely will be one of the most famous DJs in the world. Dj Ozzy gets more popular in Germany recently. Ozan Kılıç started his Germany career by playing in night clubs. Yet, his music career goes back to his teen ages.

He was a kid, enjoying music and playing. He was only 14, he started playing on a local radio he was born and raised. The career moved on by playing at various radios in different regions. When he came to age 21, his life opportunity showed up. He met Tarkan’s organizer who will take Ozzy’s life to a place where he wouldn’t imagine back then. Dj Ozan Kılıç started playing on live Tarkan concerts, mixing his music.

That also was the key of his popularity in Germany. After he made enough experiences on Türkiye tours with different famous pop stars, his first region in Europe was Germany. Mustafa Sandal and Tarkan were already known well in there. Dj Ozzy played in live concerts and night clubs in Germany.

Those were beyond amateur entrepreneurs. Ozzy was playing in famous clubs and mixing live music at pop singers’ live performances. He expanded his population really fast in Germany. Once he started to perform in other Europe countries such as Netherlands or France, his popularity in Germany increased in the same ratio.

His first own single music, Gururdan, was published on YouTube and other online platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. He let his fans know about his first English music, Different.

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